Who are we?

About ICEE
François Rémi Carrié

François Rémi Carrié

Managing Director

ICEE is a Limited Liability Company established in France, specialising in scientific and technical advice on energy and indoor environmental quality. ICEE works for a variety of clients, including scientific and technical centres, building industries, energy utility companies, or certification bodies. Today, over 75% of our turn-over is realised for customers outside France.

Our key types of services are:

  • Setting up, participating and coordinating national, European and international projects (research, development, dissemination, scientific and technical conferences);
  • Evaluating and benchmarking products, systems, certifications, standards and regulations;
  • Participating and convening working groups for the development of regulations, standards and dissemination activities.

ICEE contributes or has contributed very actively to the management and conduct of national, European and international projects, for instance:

  • AIVC, information centre of the International Energy Agency on ventilation and infiltration;
  • QUALICHeCK, a project of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme
  • VIA-Qualité, a project of the French programme CORTÉA «Knowledge, reduction at source and treatment of emissions in the air »;
  • PROMEVENT, a project of the French programme « Towards responsible buildings at horizon 2020 »;
  • the European and international platforms TightVent and venticool in partnership with INIVE.

ICEE is also involved in the development of national, European and international standards as expert in several working groups on ventilation in buildings.

Its founder and managing director, François Rémi Carrié, has a PhD and a habilitation to manage scientific research (to advise PhD candidates). He starts his career as a researcher at the University of California (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) where he develops a patented technique to remotely seal leaks. This technique is now commercialised to retrofit leaky air distribution systems (more information). Then, as assistant professor at ENTPE, he conducts research on energy conservation in buildings, thermal and ventilation modelling and aerosol mechanics. He obtains the degree doctor habilitated to conduct scientific research in 2002. He takes the lead of the Construction activity at Cerema Centre Est between 2002 and 2010, with a team gradually growing from 20 to 50 collaborators specialised in the support of innovation and public policies for the quality of construction.