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Research and development

ICEE builds on its knowledge of standards and regulations and field needs to help you develop new products and methods or to structure and consolidate your research activities in full confidentiality.

ICEE helps you set up partnership projects. ICEE participated in the development and conduct of the PROMEVENT et VIA Qualité of French research programmes « Towards responsible buildings at horizon 2020 » and CORTÉA ("Knowledge, reduction at source and treatment of emissions in the air”). We are very active in the management of AIVC, a project of the International Energy Agency on ventilation and air infiltration in buildings that brings together international experts. We disseminate research products, for instance through the organisation of AIVC conference and workshops since 2011 and the management of the European and international platforms TightVent (on building and ductwork airtightness) and venticool (on ventilative cooling).

We write papers and scientific reports upon request of our clients or for our own.

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Evaluation and Benchmarking

ICEE helps you analyse, in full confidentiality, opportunities and threats for your activity towards regulations, standards and certifications or with regard to competition.

With the support of TightVent partners, ICEE has created in 2012 the European network TAAC on building and ductwork airtightness. This network brings together associations, universities and industries to share information on approaches, methods and products to improve building and ductwork airtightness while securing adequate ventilation.

As participant and member of the coordination team of the European project QUALICHeCK, we have contributed a lot to the review and comparative analyses of approaches to secure compliance regarding summer comfort, transmission losses through the envelope, ventilation and air infiltration, and renewable energy systems.

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Standards and Regulations

Active in several national, European and international working groups, ICEE helps you with your your standards and regulations watch.

François Rémi Carrié participates in French commission UNM 714 « Ventilation for buildings – Systems », to technical committee CEN/TC 156 « Ventilation for buildings », to technical committee ISO/TC 205 « Building environment design » and the joint working group ISO/TC 163 – ISO/TC 205 « Energy performance of buildings using a holistic approach ».

Between 2013 et 2016, he was expert in the framework of mandate M/480 of the European Commission for the revision of standards supporting the « Energy Performance of Buildings » directive. He was the lead author of the revision of standards EN 16798-7 (calculation of airflow rates including infiltration) and EN 16798-17 (inspection of ventilation and air conditioning systems).

At French level, François Rémi Carrié is member of working groups lead by the ministry on charge of construction: the « Club ventilation » and the « Club perméa » (dealing with airtightness issues).

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